lost and found

i literally got lost, driving around nowhere and then stuck in the middle of... the place i have never been before. i followed the brightest light and then i found the way out. those lights are the best lights for guiding me to the right way. there was so many lights and i only believe the brightest one because the rest of them didnt really shine real bright. fake lights. lights. i love lights. hey, hey you, thanks for stopping by... and dont forget, there are so many people out there but you better be careful to put your trust in, trust the real ones. lights. whoa i just talked about lights

wearing: floral bustier from TWRK cloth
              tosca high waist short from Vintage
              black heels from PM shop


good girls go to heaven, bad girls go everywhere.

 i met her 7 years ago. at the junior high school. we were innocent kids. but as time goes by, nothing was the same. we're more than bestfriends. she's like a half of my tired soul. she's the one who always make me laugh when i dont even know how to smile. she makes my day brighter. she's always on my side. we love singing. we sing in my car, in the class, in the mall, everywhere. she knows exactly what to say.. even when im on my period. we broke so many rules. we went to the same high school. yes, we were in the same class for another 2 years. she changes my tears into a happy laughter. she hopes, she dreams. she can twerk, she twerks a lot. twerks is that even a word. she saw pretty much everything. i've been throughin so many things with her. its unexplainable. i love her. her name is Meyl.


have you ever met someone so lovely?



just ballin'.
what i wore: ballin t shirt from iFashion boutique
                    denim shorts
                    LV snake print bag
                    New Look black wedge-creepers
                    Killu snapback a gift from Holland...

thanks for stoppin by ;) c u!



as you can see, this event was about the glamorous fashion, some really great designers, the gorgeous models, and also the big lovely birthday cake since it was Ambarrukmo Plaza's 8th birthday.

the photo you're about to see is a photo of my friend, she and her crew from UNY made those lovely butterfly costumes. so proud!

oh, and also, me and my girls <3
by the way ignore my awkward smile ok


thanks for reading! c u soon ;)


built for this

im too Chanel for you.

shot by the one and only Meyl
red peplum top from R boutique
ripped jeans a gift from a friend the one and only Meyl
Chanel bag (Duh)
black wedges from a random store
chain necklace from Adele

thanks for stopping by! c u ;)