how i spent my afternoon

hello there! well, its been awhile. i've been kinda busy since the eid ul fitr days and all the family gathering stuff. but hey, no im not deleting my blog :) this is how i spent my afternoon...

went to a lovely place called Honje, somewhere around Tugu Yogyakarta. 


yesterday was Indonesia's Independence day! in case you didnt know.

oh and i also stopped by a bag store called Dowa. its so exclusive and lovely.

oh and here's another selfie of me... yes im that "non stop taking selfies" kinda girl.

top by CECIL MCBEE Japan
high waist shorts by PAT A CAKE

thanks for stopping by :) i love you, stay fierce


"so much green i turned camo"

as the photos tell, i was literally lost. i didnt plan to do some ootd shots, but then i found a field with some cute flowers in it and i stopped there and then i took them photos :3
and yeah happy fasting for those who does! 

wearing: Camo bustier by TWRK cloth
               studded shorts by TWRK cloth
                black wedge creepers by New Look

i love you, stay fierce.


movie date?

 i just watched Maleficent couple days ago and this was what i wore :)
my favorite part about the movie is Angelina Jolie's make up! i think it is amazingly stunning!!

wearing: White top by The Mermaid
               Denim pants by Ninety Degrees
               Heels by Peter Keiza
               Bag by Chanel

i love you, stay fierce.


ArtJog 2014

I went to ARTJOG yesterday and it was fun!
first thing first if you dont know what ARTJOG is you can visit www.artfairjogja.com/

ArtJog is an annual art fair which held by so many talented artists showing their awesome masterpieces.



that boyish side of me

say hello to that boyish side of me...
is it just me or every girls have that time when they feel so boyish?
i dont know but lately i've been feeling boyish and i just realized that im not that girly... well, sneakers love me. 

im wearing a camo tote bag which is really cute because i found it boyish yet stylish! the camo tote bag is so handy and useful at anytime you need it. ah, who doesnt love that? <3 if you're looking for some awesome tote bags you should totally go to Fluffy Stuff Totebag. here's the link! 
Contact : 087739465169

i love you, stay fierce.


your main chick

i've been wearing my black converse like a lot lately because i just in love with it. you know, sometimes you get tired and bored wearing heels and stuff! hold on, but i still keep all of em and willing to wear them. and as you can tell by the place in the photos i took, it was probably the coolest place in town. no, seriously, i love it and dear all of you guuuuuuuuuys, sometimes when i just wanna be alone you dont have to take me to expensive place and waste money for some shits that i dont even need, just take me to this kinda place cause i'd rather stay there for hours and talk about life. weird or nah? whatever thats just me!

wearing : top: Vintage
                shorts : (my another new) DIY studded denim shorts
                shoe : black converse sneaks

i love you. stay fierce


La Pergola



what a lovely place! i love every single thing in this italian garden restaurant.
click to find out more! http://www.lapergolajogjakarta.com/

me wearing: snake printed bustier from TWRK cloth
                     denim shorts from Dust
                     white bag from Chanel
                     black sneakers from Converse

i love you. stay fierce