Xmas eve!

ayy y'all!! :) how y'all doin???
i hope all of you doin good, cause I DO! :)
so its xmas eve here in Indonesia and maybe somewhere around here too :))
and its kinda cold outside :( even tho theres no winter here but when it rains it pours... just kidding :D yeah, its cold. so...

i could probably use a beanie to warm me up <3
and a pink tribal printed shirt i got from POPS! Market
since i dont really like wearing pants.. i mean like, skinny jeans or something like that.. ( its not that i dont like wearing pants like im completely naked or something :| okay i shouldnt really write this.. ) so i decided to wear my fave hotpants AND! since its cold so i used tights to keep it stylish and warm AT the same time :3 me likeyyyy!! dont you? wait, i love that sentences! "me likeyyy" okay... and then about my shoes, i wore a floral wedge from Amante which i wore em before.. they r like super warm <3

that super exciting moment when my best friend came to my house and the we spent a super quality time together :3 i love her :)

in case you didnt know who my bestfriend is ( i have a lot of best friend :| but this time i mean her, the girl i took picture with. omg this is just too dumb i shouldnt really write this. or should i.. ) this is her blog : Meylseesstars come and visit, she'd love you guys! (:
thats all for today. thanks for reading and merry merry xmas & happy holiday everyone! xoxo


dine at Denaro

another nice place to hang out! :)
its Denaro pizza & resto
its located in Seturan, the nicely cute place you'll surely love <3

what i wear? 
the dress is from Bazaar, Amante floral printed wedge, necklace from In Beauty

this was what i ate :)

yummy foods with cheap prices! who hates that??

this was the view from my seat... at the roof top <3

so yeah i went there with my girlfriends as always :)

what kinda Italian food you like to nom nom? :3 <3



you know where it was!
yep, CALAiS (:
so i went there few weeks ago with my friends. what a good time that was!

its winter here.
i wore a floral printed coat i got from Ladies Day's bazaar 
black tights
pink Cambridge Satchel
and black boots

my girlfriends! :)
thanks Eva, Echa, Fia, and Meyl for the good time <3

americanoooo <3

so have you tasted one of their drinks? ;)



hello lovebugs! <3
its me again, of  course. 
i like what i wore yesterday! got any thoughts? :)
"KISS" top from ColorBox
ripped studded hotpants from Vintage Shop
black heels from random shoe store
rings from Nay Gadabra and Root Flood
leopard bra from... umm wait, do i really need to write this? :p


make-up & re-touch by me ;)
like it? 
i hope all of ya had a nice day! i'll be havin an examination tomorrow. wish me luck, guys! thanks for dropping by (: XOXO


Fimela Fest 2012

hi readers! :)
hows your weekend? i hope all of you had a great one.
yes, you guessed right. i went to Jakarta about two weeks ago to attend Fimela Fest which located in Central Park, Jakarta. and also to give my biggest support for my sister who has been chosen as one of the finalist of The Shining 30

what is it all about? A competition that supported by Brand's bird's nest. never heard bout it before? 
BRAND'S ® Bird's Nest is a premium product bird nest in bottle. Containing 100% genuine bird's nest that is rich in nutrients that are easily absorbed by the body. The main content of bird nest is useful to help maintain skin health and beauty from within.

Bird's nest has been believed since tens and even hundreds of years ago, efficacious beauty care by making the skin more fresh glow, maintain freshness and improve overall body health.
The real beauty is the beauty that comes from within the body. 

Beauty radiates themselves more time to keep us healthy, concerned about nutrition that comes in, so that we will always look fresh glow. Skin was more moist, beautiful shine, soft and not dry.

what i wore? - white laced top from random boutique
                      - leopard black tutu long skirt from Post Mode
                      - brown heels from Marie Ann
                      - pink Cambridge Satchel
                      - accessories from Jolie 

the competition located in Patio, tribeca park <3

there she was... my sister did it well :) and even tho she didnt win it this time, she said that she would make this as her new experience and she pretty glad about it... proud of you sissy! <3

and hey! i have finally met my niece, again. awww she's growing up :")


got the chance to meet Daniel Mananta! he was cute :D

and another nice part of this fest, the booths! YAYNESS SHOPPING MADNESS!

Take a look at these super killer booths... dayum :) #brightyoungthings

this was Grizzly's booth. rad, huh? :)

yes, Daniel's booth, DAMN! I LOVE INDONESIA :)

and so far, my fave booth was PAT A CAKE
uh huh, you'll see what i bought there in my next post ;)

plus got interviewed by Metro TV.. ha :p

that was really a good fun happy day :) thankyou, Central Park.