scandalous saturday

how you doin, loves? :)
i was just hang around with my girl. tryna have fun as hard as i can.

i wore a white ripped tee, ripped skinny jeans,

an old necklace i got from Lost Mannequin long time ago and a dirty leopard boots.


meet my senior, her name is Karina :)
she was just graduated :)

that means, every young and reckless students gotta have fun as hard as they can! ;)
and spend the holiday worthy. as i said before, i'll be going to Bali on July 3rd with
the whole class of 2013 for a study tour. guess it'll be sick as fuck! :) and how will you spend your holiday?



just like one of my favorite Indonesian models said "student today, superstar tomorrow!!!" 
guess who?! :)
fcourse its Kimmy Jayanti.
okay well this post got nothing to do bout her- but since im (still) a student, this post is about my school and what happened in it yesterday. there was a small event in the hall. it was performing couple of songs and a dance to greet some people from the agency (re;dinas, perwakilan) who comes to my school. its the photo of the hall, taken with my new wide lens :3

me at my teacher's room, waitin for my girls to perform, hihi...

with my crazy classmate! his name is Bangun :D

my another classmate, her name is Arifia! my mate <3
oh PS: she just cut her hair, it was not quiet different anyway but i just gotta write about this lol k move on!

what i look like in school, mehehe!

and then, went to lil doctor's room and met this weirdo...

checkin my weight, aaah so happy! <3

off to the hall; again. cause the performing was about to start, me and Arifia were waiting on the line, to get the snack :p

the view from my seat
not so loud.

the snack i got -_-

i mustache you later? :{

yay finally! my girls Meylin and Eva singing :D
their voice are good!

the MCs ;) Alfian and my girl Sheyla.

finallyyyyyyyy, the end of the day at school, headed to our favorite place, the canteen!

schoolmates ;) <3

thats all! ;) 
oh and just like what i wrote before, i'll post about me and my sister soon, here's a lil sneak peek :3

plus another sneak peek bout my room ;) WANNA COME? xoxo

 posts about my sister and my room soon!


wednesday madness

what comes across your mind when i say "Wednesday Madness"?
craziness? insanity? :)
its THE MANIA of chain printed dress, actually! i spent the afternoon by walking around the neighborhood, with the chain printed dress from my sister (she has finally came back home, new post about me and her soon!)

so here's the view around my house... yes,there's a lot of tree, flowers and stuff.

me and my friend as always, Meyl!

and! my daddy just bought me new lenses and a tripod! SOOOO HAPPY :)
here's the wide lens result :) the other lens is macro lens. and the bracelet with the buttons on it was made by me, one of my DIY stuff.

ah, its my week <3


Mirthful Monday

have a great beginning of the week :) 
i went to Tamansari and Pulo Cemeti with my girls and we had fun. what a mirthful monday!

what i wore

a graphis leopard tee, and my mom's old skirt, plus a Bellagio heels.

my girls; Meylin and Arifia