i didnt win, but i always feel like a winner!

dear first day of the week...
finaly, i've done the exam and now comes the holiday, which means its a BIG DEAL for every student that has been waiting! :) i am extremely excited to go on a study tour to Bali just a couple weeks more... and i have no idea how will i spend my holiday :( got a plan to go outta town, but im running outta ticket :( sigh.. guess i'll be spending holiday just stayin here in Jogja :)

oh and hey! i was joining a fashion show competition a couple weeks ago... and i didnt win it, mehehe! 
so the competition was about how creative the models cuts the BPR Bank t shirt that they gave days before the competition and then mix it with other outfits, i was kinda pissed, cause the tailor was so wrong, they didnt sew the shirt just like what i told em, geez -_- so i joint the competition just for fun anyway... :) me waiting in the line, at the backstage...

my mom, me, and my boy... they support me a lot and anytime <3

my friends :)

oh my sleepy face

oh and by the way, i love Peter Keiza! <3

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