ice cream on thursday

hello, its me again! wore a black dress with the lil ruffles on it, leopard bag, and a brown Marie Ann heels.
i just went to Artemy

the lil italian cafe that provides dessert as the main menu.

Founded in December 2010, at Jl. Perwakilan # 5, next to Malioboro Mall. But with the development, Artemy Italian Gelato opened a branch on Jl. Kranggan 58 Jogja. i went to the next Malioboro Mall ;)

Architectural of Artemy Italian Gelato tends Malioboro modern minimalist, there are two choices of seating areas, indoor and outdoor. 

For the menu, Artemy offers Gelato and Sorbet as their superior product. Gelato and Sorbet are somekinda ice cream, distinguishing the amount of fat contained in it. Ice cream usually contains more than 10% fat, while gelato is less than that.
this was the one i ate :9 vanilla & strawberry!

Gelato has more than 24 kinds of flavors such as Cookies, Oreo, Green Tea, Tiramisu, Vanilla, Dark Chocolate, Hazelnut, Rhum Raisin, Snickers, Low Calorie Tiramisu, Cotton Candy, White Forest, etc..

my old friend, Ipenk <3

Gelato and Sorbet can be enjoyed in a cup or cone. Price per scoop priced at Rp 10.000. if you order 2 scoops you just need to pay Rp.17.500. you can also add the available choice of toppings, like Wafer, Sprinkles, Egg Roll, Almond, Cookies, Chacha, and you just need to pay Rp.3.000 for a single variant topping.

i finally get the chance to see her since months ago, miss her <3

took a lil walk on that afternoon...

come enjoy a cone of Gelato if you like!
Jl. Perwakilan # 5, next to Malioboro Mall
Jl. Kranggan # 58 Yogyakarta (0274-587635)