my bestfriend's birthday party

hiiiii. i know, i know. i've been kinda busy these days cause i had an exam so i didnt realy have time to post something but here ya goooooooooooooooooo ;)
last week my bestfriend, Meyl. had a birthday party at All Seasons Hotel and it was FUN as always <3
2 weeks ago me and my girls made a hand-made-gift for her, we got our own bday-gift-habits :D its a frame with each's favorite stuff that describing us :) down here there's a pic of a frame with condoms in it cause my friend Sheyla loves it :D and the G-string is mine, yesss they know me so well ;) 
we made a baby's underwear for Meyl because she acts like a baby too often :D
 arrived! :)

a bathroom pic as always...

and here's the bday girl!!! :)

drinks on me ;)

me, my boy, Sheyla, and her boy :D

Marie Ann :)

my girls, my schoolmates, my everything, love em :)

my babes singiiiinn..

spaghetti i ate that night... dayummm :9

we've been drinkin

i love everything that studded <3

anddddd here comes the prank :D
so we said goodbye to meyl and acted like we're about to go home but we were actually went downstairs to get a cake and the gift in the bar 

preparing the surprise :D

the angry bird mini cake 

and look her faceeeeeeeeeeeeee... her stupid face -_-

cake- attack! :)

we wasted and we aint goin home, xoxo.

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