my boyfriend's new house.

so my boy just moved to a lil bit bigger house, and (still) it called BETA HOUSE! 
he moved in because of some reasons, and it was horribly sad to leave the old Beta House, cause it means a lot to me, to my boy, to my friends, to all of us! yes, in that place where we can do WHATEVER we want (when i say WHATEVER with my caps lock on it means its really really what ever we want) we've been passing so many things and its unforgettably awesome! from the drama to drunk nights, the moment we will never forget :") sadly move to the new one, and start the new beginning which they called it "adaptation"
well, the house is not quite different than the old one. here's some pic of me and my boys in our new Beta House ;)

favorite flats, got em on as always <3

its the backyard...

the gift i gave to him on his 17th bday :)

stuff in my boy's room. wonder where he put all the bottles he had been drinkin... 

i went home too late, and another sad part is the fact that the distance between Beta House and mine is so far right now :(


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