just like one of my favorite Indonesian models said "student today, superstar tomorrow!!!" 
guess who?! :)
fcourse its Kimmy Jayanti.
okay well this post got nothing to do bout her- but since im (still) a student, this post is about my school and what happened in it yesterday. there was a small event in the hall. it was performing couple of songs and a dance to greet some people from the agency (re;dinas, perwakilan) who comes to my school. its the photo of the hall, taken with my new wide lens :3

me at my teacher's room, waitin for my girls to perform, hihi...

with my crazy classmate! his name is Bangun :D

my another classmate, her name is Arifia! my mate <3
oh PS: she just cut her hair, it was not quiet different anyway but i just gotta write about this lol k move on!

what i look like in school, mehehe!

and then, went to lil doctor's room and met this weirdo...

checkin my weight, aaah so happy! <3

off to the hall; again. cause the performing was about to start, me and Arifia were waiting on the line, to get the snack :p

the view from my seat
not so loud.

the snack i got -_-

i mustache you later? :{

yay finally! my girls Meylin and Eva singing :D
their voice are good!

the MCs ;) Alfian and my girl Sheyla.

finallyyyyyyyy, the end of the day at school, headed to our favorite place, the canteen!

schoolmates ;) <3

thats all! ;) 
oh and just like what i wrote before, i'll post about me and my sister soon, here's a lil sneak peek :3

plus another sneak peek bout my room ;) WANNA COME? xoxo

 posts about my sister and my room soon!