hi :) yesterday i went to the cutest shop in town that sells clothes, bags, shoes, accessories, and many more. its called Belle Fashion House 
i havent seen that kinda shop yet, and so far i think its the cutest! so adorable <3 look what i wore...

those lil cute things...

its the cashier... pink stuff ;)

they also sell cute watches.


my favorite! so far.
i seriously gotta have it! Hello Kitty Telephone <3

ruffles <3

the skull necklace, so eye-catching...

and yes, the hello kitty glasses is THE CUTEST thing <3

floral dresses...

fall in love with the red one ;D

ah, who doesnt loves it?!

pearl collars... 

and then, i decided to buy one of those cute dresses.....

fit me so well! i bought that one ;)

good outfit comes with good price are soooooo good ;)

feel to come?! VISIT!
Belle Fahion House address is : 
Jalan Gejayan Komplek Kolombo No.1, YK, Indonesia 55281
CP 0817-4869-978



  1. oh thank you soooo much :)
    i absolutely love the way u look and yes, we can follow each other ♥

  2. what a cute place! <3 Mind to follow each other? kisses <3

    1. hi rin!
      i just followed you <3 :)
      you're so sweet, kisses back! xo