the unforgetable Bali

finally!! after days without ANY post! i have finally got back home here in Jogja ;) and im finally writing the post about my vacay in Bali. Bali was FUN. the greatest island i've ever been to! and it would be heaven if i could stay there :")
here's the pic when me and my friends were in the bus. sat in the seat for hours cause something went wrong, the harbor was closed cause the wave was so strong and it was dangerous to go sailing. thats why the schedule school has planned was messed and it made all of the student dissapointed, including me! :( the school canceled the schedule to go to Dreamland/Kuta :( HOW SAD. but anyway...

so here i was in the ship..
nice weather

almost set in the Gilimanuk Harbor, Bali ;)

~DAY 1~ 

arrived in Bali, 
me and my friends were staying in Puri Nusa Indah. and that morning when i was about to get in the bus, a beautiful balinese girl was standing in front of the inn and i got to take a pic with her! <3

finally got on the bus, on my way to PT. Sinar Sosro its a drink factory and visiting the factory was one of the studytour schedule.

me wore my osis uniform 
me and my friends were research-ing all bout the the tea and all that related bout tea for about 3 hours, too bad they dont allow photography inside the factory :(
it was nice anwyay! ;)

and finally 
~DAY 2~

went to Tanjung Benoa. all i could say was "AWESOME"

 rode a boat to Turtle Farm with my girls! ;)

i WOULD stay there for the rest of my life <3

yaaay! turtle farm!

look how my girl Fia touch the turtle, i was afraid to death.

me, Meyl, Arifia, Eva, and Tessa :)

and then, we headed to GWK or Garuda Wisnu Kencana  
another amazing place in Bali.

the souvenir shop.
i surely bought some souvenirs BUT they are for myself :p
i bought a cute dress, a bag, a necklace, a bracelet, two cute jumpsuits, and a DreamCatcher necklace i've been wanting so bad! :) post about em soon!!

oh tell me how cool this place was

i wore a floral dress, and a yellow flip flop with the bow on it, i was thinkin bout pattern on pattern so thats why i bought my zebra printed bag

 me and my girls as always <3

whoa, awesome!

and finally the one i've been waiting for...
balinese dance AKA Kecak dance!
i adore em so bad.

and the last day
~DAY 3~

we went to Bedugul, but too bad we couldnt see anything cause the fog :(
so sad.

thats all! thankyou Bali, i'll be missin you so bad <3


  1. it seems you really having fun in Bali :D
    i kinda missing Bali with read your post :(
    anyway you're so pretty!
    and your 4th photo from bottom is amazing!
    beautifulll photo you got there ♥

    xoxo, ruby and rosa

  2. thanks dear...following u back

  3. wow, you guys look like you've had great fun
    you looked stunning in every picture, I love your hair color
    mind following each other, dear?


    1. we had fun ;D thankyou! :) i just followed you

  4. you seemed to really have fun! Oh how I wish I could go to Bali too this holiday. your floral dress is cute anyhow

    1. i realy had fun! ;D oh thankyou <3

  5. thats a great vacation sweetie<3
    anyway,i've followed ur blog,followback please:)


  6. It was a fun day I guess dear, it's that true ?? hehehe

  7. lovely pics!
    sureee... followed :)

  8. you've got very nice photo!
    You are what origin?
    I love the dress you're wearing!

    See you soon, xo :D

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  10. Ahw thanks for your sweet comment! Sure I want to follow each other, you have such a lovely blog.
    I'm following you now on GFC and Bloglovin, waiting for you to do the same :). X