guess whose birthday is in 3 days???? 
yep. nobody. 
its my birthday DUH :D i wont be seventeen forever and sweet 18, i am comiiiing!

do you like what i wore?
its UK printed shirt i got from Cheaper Cheaper
mini denim skirt fromViola
gold studded bracelet from Jolie
"BAD" ring from Root Flood
gold bracelets from Naughty 

the shirt is soooo in my one-of-my-favorites-shirt ;)
XOXO  much love!


Coffee & Patisserie, maybe?

i know y'all hate when you got so busy til you got no time to blog? :( sucks, i know!
aaaaaand again, here's my post tellin you about a place where me and my girl went couple days ago to get some refreshing thingy :)

what did i wear???
black laced top from Yeli Boutique
yellow skirt & creamy laced flats i got from last garage sale ;D

my floral bag???
its one of those Dress To Kill's collection. SO CUTE. i know right!

my DIY bracelets...

yepppp. me and my girl Fia went to Serafin!
located in Pakuningratan 40 Jogja, open daily 3 to 11 pm. Coffee, snacks, sweets & great atmosphere. order & reservation: 0274-551001

lovin the cozyyy place <3

what i ate <3

what do you think of me wearing glasses? bad? no? let me know <3

oh what a night! <3


that side of the room

hello readers, hello Thursday, hello you.
i want to tell you about my favorite place on earth :D yeah, you right. its my wasteland AKA my room ;)
here's a lil sneak peek of my favorite side of the room...
i will upload a video couple days more about how do i enjoy my wasteland :) the very first video in my blog by the way!


me wearing my laced top i got from Ma Nuella, a vintage & classic boutique. i'll post about the store someday maybe? 

oh! remember when i wrote that i was gonna visit another bazaar and garage sale? i did come! here's some photos of it...

right in front of Abankirenk's office

the very first video will be in the next post! :)


Bazaar! again!

hello there lovely readers! :)
how are you all? 
i was kinda busy these days, schools back, so i spent most of my time studying there. sometimes i feel like i need a break and a refreshing and the best thing to do is SHOPPING! <3 you know it, shopping is fun fun fun fun fun and oh talk about shopping, i went to another bazaar and garage sale couple days ago. 

what i wear? 
chiffon dress a gift from my lovely sister, black studded flats, peace necklace, lips shaped purse  from In Beauty :)

the bazaar was located in River View Cafe. another recommended cafe in this town! :)

cute stuffs with the reasonable price is just so.. YAYNESS! :D

yeeep. i bought something ;) i'll post about em soon <3


me and my girl, Meyl from http://meylseesstars.blogspot.com/ 

find something cute up there? :) here's some of their twitter account in case you want to shop some of their cute stuff:


i heard there's another garage sale today to sept 9, i'll be coming on friday and hope i found something cute :) post about it soon! :)