"Pleasure with no guilty feeling"

have you been to this CUTE place that serves sweet cupcakes before?! then you should! ;)
yes, its La Vie Michi. The First Dessert Café & Cupcake Boutique in my small town, Jogja..Open from 1-9 PM everyday. La Vie Michi is at Mirota Kampus Palagan level 2.
i realy love the place, so cute so pink so me! :D
the delicious menu with the perfect prices :)

me with my girls <3

look how cute the napkin is <3

rainbow cake and red velvet me and my girls ordered :)


wanna know more about La Vie Michi? click click!! :)


i am. me. myself.

"im the type of girl that your momma never want to meet.
Centerfold in your daddy's hidden magazine.
im kinda sweet, and fake like Splenda.
but im not like the girl next door,
in between a cheerleader and a whore.
always be number one and you'll always be the number two.
im a train wreck,
hot mess, no stress" Millionaires - bo$$ bitch ;)


DGAF til i die xoxo


"Angels of heaven" photoshoot for TEBAS 2012

did a photoshoot with an angelic themes with KOMA ( Komunitas Multimedia Amikom ) couple weeks ago, it was fun! :) click here if you want to see the fitting time!

it was a photography competition for TEBAS . met lots of photographer and new people, they were realy kind <3 

me and two others models, Ajeng and Ria.

it was a hotttt day in Candi Sambi Sari..

the break time for the photographers...

with some of the crew

and this photo represent the result from one of those photographers, this one taken by Ricardo Wahyu, i think its good :)

                                             what a lovely day that was.. click here for more.


the weekend

I LOVE WEEKENDS! i mean, who doesnt?! the only time to be free from school and work. forget life a bit. escape outta those stressful days... this was how me and my girls spend the weekend... 


that girl up there, her name is Meyl. we've been friends since 2007, we were in the same junior high school, and now we're still in the same high school <3

and another girl up there named Arifia, she's one of my classmates. one of a kind! <3

oh how i love this floral wedges by Amante.
 chillin out, enjoyin outdoor. and then, headed to Semesta to get my belly full :3

how do you spend your weekend?


well, if you have never heard about me...

hi :)

my name is Deyn. im 17. im asian, im javanese! i live in this small artsy town named Yogyakarta. im a high school student, SMA Tiga Maret is where i go to fix my brain but sometimes it ruins my brain worse. im a model from CMM ( Colour Models Management ) i also have another blog, click here if you curious as i am ;) although im skinny, i love to eat, A LOT. i love going to food depots and some places like that. i also love drinks, not just drinks ;) im that sensitive type o' girl, and im overthinking. i adore cigarette. i've been in relationship with this guy named Orindra for 15 months <3 photography, music, games, is where my passion is at! dont be afraid to me, i dont bite.... hard.