guess how last week treats me?
so pissing!
i've been spending my days at school.. and it was.... *sigh* so not what i expected!
cant believe the teachers changed their mind about how i look, they always give a fuck and tell
me to dye my hair back to black. how lame?????? i love my light brown hair but since *sigh*
im still in school so i have to do the rules...
so how about your weekend? i wishhhhh you all had a great weekend!
these are some pics of me wearing my floral jacket i got from vintage shop, boston tank top
from NY studio, ripped hotpants from vintage shop and dirty gold shoes from Gosh!

BEFORE i turn my hair to black, ladies and gentlemen :")

the fact that i have to follow the rules, oh how pissy! this maybe the last time y'all see me in my light brown hair :") </3
black hair im going to ROCK you! 

oh and happy fasting for you guys who moslems! :) <3


im bad

im bad. im so bad.
i've been spending more cash to buy some random outfits and i also bought outfits from vintage shop too, look what i bought from one of those vintage shops!

my "Bad" ring i bought from Root Flood's booth, which i have posted the pict in the older post ;)
my self-made studded bracelet i made 2 weeks ago just to spent my sleepless night...
and the other bracelets i bought from Naughty

the top? the white shirt i wore is cute. i think. i got it in vintage shop!

the bottom? another vintage shop's stuff, i love the ripped on it <3

so, how bad are you? im bad!


Garage Sale & Bazaar

been waiting for this!
finally got the time to sit in front of my computer, writing a new post, and share to all of you about a Garage Sale & Bazaar i attended couple of days ago! :)

what i wore?
black fringe tee from my friend's online shop called DuaTiga Shop 
hotpants from Dust Jeans 
black bag i got from Bali!
studded black flats by Marie Ann
and my friend's owl necklace :D

oh and its my closest friend, Meyl! :)
she just made a blog and she's a newbie! hihi. she'd love to make friends with all of you lovelies, would you mind checking her brand new blog? its Meyl sees stars

and here we gooooooooo...
it was my sister drivin ;)
do you think we look-alike? no? yes? guess im prettier! :p

arrived! the Garage Sale & Bazaar was in Teras Javana Resto
located on Abu Bakar Ali Street # 24-26, about 100 meters from Kota Baru Church, west Kridosono Stadium. the vintage restaurant concept is very clear from the architecture of the building.

 the first booth i visited was the Plung Creativo, hmmm... not so bad!

the second booth was ROOT FLOOD.
yes, its my favorite booth!
as you see in the picture, they sold super cute and edgy rings ever <3

the third booth was Aureetthe.

me want all of em!! 
the fourth booth was Dirty Old Clothes
love the name ;D

wasnt that the cutest sailor uniform ever?!?!
boys stuff ;)

there were still A LOTTT of booth in the inside but it was crowded so i didnt take much pictures in it :( the other booth :

as you can see, it was my sister, Sheyla, and my lil niece named Kalya oh and of course, Me! <3
my 3 years old niece was posing. i know.

bathroom pic as always with my sissy <3

shopping was fun!
but hunger always hit my belly after all, so this what i ate that afternoon, an omelette and a chocolate milkshake :9

one thing i realy love to buy was this "Bad" ring <3333 not bad at all!
its a pic of my new fave ring i took from my Instagram account. do you have one? follow mine! its deynx

PS: i was using my mom's lipstick and i love it! :D



hiiiiii here was what i put on today to get lunch with my friends. something white and pale <3

white top from D' Pujha 
short from vintage shop
white dolphin bracelet i got from Bali

guess where was i? Texas Chicken! :D yes, im one of those fastfood lovers.

and oh! my school will starts tomorrow, which means... i hate my life. no, no, just kidding.
which means i cant post as often as i did so far, welcoming back the busy days! :)


met the lovelies!

hi! here's just a quick and (kinda late) post about a bloggers meet up week ago, i supposed to meet another 7 fashion bloggers but too bad the couldnt make it for some reasons :( but the good news is, we'll be having another one soon!
what i wore?
a magenta dress plus a floral wedges, classiiiic.

however, i met these 3 lovelies!
they are:

echa from Hei Echa !

 and Hana from DENIM AND FLO

i know, a blurry pic.

shout out to every fashion blogger that live in Jogja, join our next bloggers meet up! ;) Claradevi said she will make it thou ;D