floral met denim

a lovely afternoon walk with my lovely girl... do you like what i wore? :)

this is when floral met denim

i got the top from my lovely girl Karina yes. the lovely floral laced outwear from her shop Hanake Shop :)

denim shorts from Dust Jeans
and pink sneakers from Converse

we both love sneakers <3 do you? :)
btw, school is back! get your spirit students... ;)


BMB Garage Sale

sorry, its a bit late to post about the last BMB Garage Sale but, here it is, finally! :D

exactly on 10 days ago me and my girls went to Teras Java to dig some cute stuff in BMB Garage Sale.
guess i came too early, it was 3 PM, and i only saw couple shop opened :( and another sad new is that i didnt get anything :(

what i wore?
white shirt - leopard high waist short - Yongki Komaladi wedges - peace necklace - black fringe bag

Taa~ daa!
the booths ;)

thats all, can wait to go to another garage sale with my friends :)

happy holiday!


how i spend the Eid Ul Fitr days!

Hiiii. Told you i was bout to post bout how i spend the eid ul fitr day, right? Here it is! A well-spent quality time with my family :)


wore a maxi dress i got from Fashion Garden
peace necklace i got from someone ;)
and white heels from Peter Keiza

my family from outta town came to my house and then we were sharing, talking, eating, taking photos, a lot more <3

the treats, as always...

hahaha- the standing one was dad, he's a such a fattie, oops.

these girls came from Jakarta! much love!

oh heyyyy its my sister and i, look alike? no?

love em <3
and this photo ended our lovely day...


curious what did i put on?
the shirt with the faces of my beloved grandpa&grandma on it was a uniform. all of my big family wear it on our family gathering :)
leopard skirt i got from Post Mode 
and a black random wedges, oh and also my DIY studded bracelet, my new alphabet bracelet that says "CUNT" and a hello kitty ring! <3

the family gathering located in Pondok Laras, what a lovely time that was <3

IKR!! so cute... arent they?

and a surprise tart cake for my grandpa, Soegeng. once again, happy bday! ;D
he's 82 years old now :)

my sister and i

yayness! the big family of mine :D

my cute niece was singing... hihi.

and thats all, i guess! :) tell me how you spend your eid ul fitr days with your family.. ;)


what about the holiday?

hello there! :) i bet its been exciting for some students since its finally the holidaaaay!
Ramadhan, the month of fasting is over. and now as a moslem i have to say happy eid mubarak for you guys who celebrates! <3
what are you guys wearing on the Eid ul Fitr day?
well, this is actually what i wore on the day before Eid Ul Fitr, but i will soon post about how i spend the Eid ul Fitr with my family ;) 

white long-sleeve with the lace on back from Number 61  
high waist green skirt from Vintage shop ;)
heels from Peter Keiza

meet Sheyla! she's one of my close friends. we've been friends since we were still 4 years young :)

once again, happy eid mubarak! :* may Allah forgive mistakes we made... Amin <3