Ladies Day Event - bazaar & garage sale

yep. as you can see, it was another bazaar and garage sale i attended with 
my girls. its a bit late to post this, sorry :( 

oh and hey the event was located in Indische Koffie 
( Address : Jl.Jend.A.Yani No. 6. phone : 0274 580004 .YK 55121 ) 
i love the place it was fun and pretty interesting! this event was held by  
Ladies Day lots of booths, cute new & second-hand stuffs, drinks, and many more.

me wearin a vintage shirt i got from vintage shop, black mini skirt, 
random black wedges, and a vest from Colorbox. hmm, the lightning 
was kinda bad :| mind my blurry pics! hehe ;D

andddd there was a nail art & henna tattoo booth, too! girls likeyyy~
and the prices is inexpensive ;)

a booth for those hijabers ;)

Meyl and i <3

Tessa and i <3


i cant wait for another bazaar! 
and these was what i bought ;) 



hungry us

Hello again :)
so so so... its been a busy week since im havin a midtest. so this is kinda late post by me about 3 weeks ago? visiting Hungry Bear :)

what i wore?
laced jeans dress from my sister
black wedges from random store

yaaayyy! hungry us! 
i went there with my friends :) they are Sheyla, Tari, Arifia, Tessa, and Meylin <3 what a lovely saturday night that was...


a (18 years young) girl like me :)

HELLO HELLO HELLOOO!! i have finally turned 18, everyone! :)
thankyou so much for the wishes <3 i appreciate it MUCH <3
and this was what i wore on the day i turn 18 :)

lace crop top - Manuela Le Boutique
out wear - Vintage shop
short - Vintage shop
heels - Peter Keiza

and on that day, i really didnt think that closest people around me would give me this kinda surprise...
they were being jerk all day, and they got me! ha!
the rainbow cake my parents gave me
the hello kitty shaped taart my best mates gave me
and i actually got more gift, my dad gave me the shoes i've been wanting so bad ( i'll post it soon! ;) )
a Hello Kitty music box from my lovely boyfriend :)

imagine when you really had a tiring day and you thought your friends & boyfriend forgets your birthday then suddenly they come to your house and sing you a happy birthday with the cake on their hands? <3

Meyl and i <3

Sheyla and i <3

Alfian and i <3

Tessa and i <3

Arifia and i <3

and this lil super hero and i <3 :)
i love you, Jagoan! :*

thankyou guys for the surprise, i love you all with all my heart <3