Fimela Fest 2012

hi readers! :)
hows your weekend? i hope all of you had a great one.
yes, you guessed right. i went to Jakarta about two weeks ago to attend Fimela Fest which located in Central Park, Jakarta. and also to give my biggest support for my sister who has been chosen as one of the finalist of The Shining 30

what is it all about? A competition that supported by Brand's bird's nest. never heard bout it before? 
BRAND'S ® Bird's Nest is a premium product bird nest in bottle. Containing 100% genuine bird's nest that is rich in nutrients that are easily absorbed by the body. The main content of bird nest is useful to help maintain skin health and beauty from within.

Bird's nest has been believed since tens and even hundreds of years ago, efficacious beauty care by making the skin more fresh glow, maintain freshness and improve overall body health.
The real beauty is the beauty that comes from within the body. 

Beauty radiates themselves more time to keep us healthy, concerned about nutrition that comes in, so that we will always look fresh glow. Skin was more moist, beautiful shine, soft and not dry.

what i wore? - white laced top from random boutique
                      - leopard black tutu long skirt from Post Mode
                      - brown heels from Marie Ann
                      - pink Cambridge Satchel
                      - accessories from Jolie 

the competition located in Patio, tribeca park <3

there she was... my sister did it well :) and even tho she didnt win it this time, she said that she would make this as her new experience and she pretty glad about it... proud of you sissy! <3

and hey! i have finally met my niece, again. awww she's growing up :")


got the chance to meet Daniel Mananta! he was cute :D

and another nice part of this fest, the booths! YAYNESS SHOPPING MADNESS!

Take a look at these super killer booths... dayum :) #brightyoungthings

this was Grizzly's booth. rad, huh? :)

yes, Daniel's booth, DAMN! I LOVE INDONESIA :)

and so far, my fave booth was PAT A CAKE
uh huh, you'll see what i bought there in my next post ;)

plus got interviewed by Metro TV.. ha :p

that was really a good fun happy day :) thankyou, Central Park.


me versus Charlie Chaplin

PHEEW..!~ finally back again posting since my computer had a trouble so.. here i am! ;) 
another outfit post photographed by my mom.
i love goin out enjoyin the evening :)

me found an old floral skirt and decided to mix it with my new Charlie Chaplin printed tee.
plus my pink Cambridge Satchel and my fave black wedges ;)

oh! talking about this Charlie Chaplin shirt, i got it from Cayleecious !
its an online shop created by the talented fashion blogger from Indonesia named Yuki Lusiana Eka and her partner Clement Ananto
they sale a really really cute stuff! i heard they got a spike cap that i bet every girls want it ;) 
why not take your time to check their collection here? :) 
and here https://twitter.com/cayleecious_ID OR directly contact them through CP:30EFBB0D/082390391208(Ms.Cayle)

got this super super super cute Charlie Chaplin ring from CayleeciousID too! <3
ah, so glad i found a cute online shop with super affordable prices! :)

yep. Cayleecious is my new sponsor <3 thanks caylee! ;D



another meet up with the lovelies!

hi. last week i went to Serafin to attend a meet up with the lovely fashion bloggers from this small town, Jogja! ;)

yep, i wore em before. the top and the hi waist skirt are from Vintage Shop
                                   the wedges from random store
                                   the bracelets from Naughty 
                                   the necklace from Jolie

here they areeee! from left to right:

Chintya and I :)

and omg i have finally met kak Clara >,< she is soooo lovely and fun to talk with! ;)

yes, i cant wait for another meet up!
it was a good time shared a lot of things with lovely people like them.
i bet you wanna join us too ;)

and a lil bonus from me, happy Halloween boish and gouilsh!
im currently being a skeleton... as i am. ha.