Ready to roll


just my two favorite things, floral & studs <3
in love with my floral top which i bought in Jakarta on my last holiday
my DIY studded hotpants as always, my favorite ;)
and my another favorite shoe from Gosh
boys, im ready to roll ;)

so yeah, i straightened my hair! :3
tell me what ya think...

thanks to my mom who take the pics <3
have a nice day lovebugs! 


met the lovelies, again! (:

Hello hello hello hellooooooooooo again  to everyone who read this (: okay so i wanna thank so much for everyone who takes their time to stop by my blog, appreciate it so much!
so... i should have posted this about 3 weeks ago but since i was kinda busy since school is back, so.. anyway i met them! ( the lovely fashion bloggers from my town, jogja ) again! and i was so excited cause i've been waiting <3 we met up at Mr. Pancake.
what i wore on that night?
white laced studded shirt from Zara
leather high waist short from PAT A CAKE 
pink Cambridge Satchel
and a black flat shoes from Calliope 
accessories from Naughty 

yay!! echa me and chintya :3

yeup, what i ate, pancake time!


her name is Denia, her blog is This is real and This is me 
she's a lovely, cheerful, and well-fashioned girl ;)

AAAAND! finallyyyy i met Vania! :D she came to Jogja to spent her holiday, she was soooo lovely and kind and aaah i love what she wore on that night! (: her blog is Pudding Monster 

this gorgeous girl named Indah :D i love her!!! i love her fashion taste ;) her blog is Lose and Walking Free

and this pretty lil girl named Chintyaaaa <3 she's lovely kind, cant wait to see her again! her blog is Daily Life

and this boy called ECHAAA! <3 he's sucha fun person, kind, and aaah! i'd love to spend a day only in a mall with him! haha <3 his blog is Hei Echa !

and yeup, ME! :D

as always, we had a good time <3 ended up with shopping around the Amplaz with these lovelies.

and we are surely waiting for you bloggers out there to join us next time!! ;) xoxo



hello guys, so how are you all? i've been spending my holiday in Jakarta couple of days ago... it was a great time :)
here are some photos i took on the new year's eve!
better late than never but, HAPPY NEW YEAR!! :D

i have finally met my sister!!!! <3

my super cute niece :3

my sister and her hubby :)

so yeah we had a new year's dinner at White Hunter, Gandaria City

the party girlllll <3


thats all i can tell right now :D i'll be back with more post thankyou so much for taking your time to stop by my blog, i appreciate it much <3 keep smiling and have a nice day every1 :)