18 & reckless

hello, so i went a lil punk yesteday, and I LOVE IT!

As you can see, i was being a lil messy-reckless-punk girl. im in love with this look, enough said.
what i wore:
"Turn Me On" yellow croped shirt from HardWare by luna maya
my DIY studded short
my friend's studded black vest
black wedge-crepeers from New Look
and... should i really tell you my... umm.. leopard panty? :))
photographed by Tari
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play me like a game

Hey, baby, play me like a game.

what i wore:
top from Flo
skirt from FBK
wedge creepers from New Look
make up by myself
photographed by Meylin Dwini


hello, Ramadhan...

okay, first thing first... this is the very first time for me to post an outfit post with hijab theme thingy, wearing a veil, and stuff :p well, its Ramadhan :)
its such a lovely & holy month for us muslims. 
i hope all of you have a really great time with your families, dont forget to keep fasting, and i bet all of us cant wait for the ied mubarak day! :) God bless us all.... <3
so yeah, what i wore was a long brown top which is actually my mom's :D a leopard tutu long skirt, and a caramel flatform. for the veil, i didnt do it by myself, because as you can guess, i know nothing about it, literally :D so my friend did it, she was awesome at doing veil thingy, you know.. thanks, Tari! :)
i really really had fun doing the shoot because it was my very first time and i was soooo excited!! haha, tell me what you think!


it was Meyl, Tari, and me. you can click their names to check em out! ;)
thanks a lot for stopping by <3 dont forget to leave your thoughts about this post!
have a nice day :)


leopard to death

hello again my blog! hello again my lovely readers! hello again my laptop that finally got fixed after a long time! hello again haters! helloooo! i just want to say HELLO to everyone who read this, im back blogging after awhile!!!! :) you can tell how excited i am for this from how many "!" i just typed.
anyway, i've been super... like super.... super busy with the college thingy and stuff, also my laptop was broken as shit so thats why i didnt post anything these weeks :( so yeah, i've been missing this like, so much :D
so i wore a leopard peplum mini dress from my sister (a gift) thanks so much, sis! :)
                 black wedge-creepers from New Look
                 black stocking

hey you, i know you read this :) please have a nice day and dont forget to smile, you're beautiful! :)