leopard to death

hello again my blog! hello again my lovely readers! hello again my laptop that finally got fixed after a long time! hello again haters! helloooo! i just want to say HELLO to everyone who read this, im back blogging after awhile!!!! :) you can tell how excited i am for this from how many "!" i just typed.
anyway, i've been super... like super.... super busy with the college thingy and stuff, also my laptop was broken as shit so thats why i didnt post anything these weeks :( so yeah, i've been missing this like, so much :D
so i wore a leopard peplum mini dress from my sister (a gift) thanks so much, sis! :)
                 black wedge-creepers from New Look
                 black stocking

hey you, i know you read this :) please have a nice day and dont forget to smile, you're beautiful! :)


  1. I love the combination of black and leopard altogether!

    "Salt Skin" on THE PHOTOGRAPHIC SENSE-http://reinhardtkenneth.blogspot.com

  2. You look hottttt. Love the dress x

  3. look great!