"Life's too short to be sittin round miserable. people gon talk whether you doing bad or good, yeah.." - Cheers (drink to that) by the very great-awesome-stunning-inspiring Rihanna :)

so i've been listening to her songs these days and i guess i found my new role model <3 
she's just so inspiring! and yes, this post and the previous post are inspired by her :D no, i do not try to copy the way she dresses up or something like that ;) talking about role model, who's yours? i'd love to know!

what i wore?
black shirt from Logo
black tutu shirt from Post Mode
black wedges from random store
Obey cap from Seventees

i was actually kinda busy these weeks cause since im in high school and exam is getting closer and closer and this is just so ugh D; depressing haha whatever umm i did a lot of things well i started join in a lesson tutor and i went home lateee cause i have to do this super boring extra hours in school and then i have to do this Try Out thingy... its kinda... well im not getting used to it, i dont have much spare time especially for my blog :( but i will try my best ;) thanks for stopping by! <3