honey, i stole your shirt...

another "so in" stuff these days, Houndstooth. been lovin it!
and im so in love with bustiers!

red bustier : a gift from my sister
high waits houndstooth pattern short : Viola
denim shirt : someone's ;)
DC snapback : a gift from my father


dont get me wrong

dont get me wrong but i was born to have fun!

top from Eustachia
floral legging : a gift from my dad
black wedged from random store
DC snapback : a gift from my dad
photographed by Meylin Dwini


pinky down

is it just me or floral pattern just seems so eye-catching? i mean, the one that i wore, they put some bright colors like yellow and pink! how can i resist? 

floral top : random store around Tebet, Jakarta
denim skirt : Viola
heels : Peter Keiza
bag : pink Cambridge Satchel

photographed by my mom <3

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