baby i'll be your heroine

wearing: camo top from Logo
              bustier from Vintage Shop
              denim short from Dust
              wedge-sneakers from New Look

and, yes. i got my new pink ombre hair <3



hey there readers :)
this is what i wore yesterday, pretty casual for a day out to get something i need for the University at the book store.

  •               white top from MiBou
  •               jeans from Ninety Degrees
  •               heels from Peter Keiza
  •               Killuminati snapback a gift from my brother in Holland... thanks, Bagas :)

i'll see ya on the next post <3


satan loves me

oh my.. oh my.. finally! i knoooow, i havent posted anything in about a month?
been sooo busy with the college shit -_- so yeah finally i am now a freshman. got into the University :)
anyway, what i wore is a pink satanist Simpson shirt ( i am in love with it omg i cant )
                                      mini denim skirt
                                      and my new wedge-sneakers from Gosh! ( which i am in love with it, too. )

so hows your blogging day goin? xoxo <3