your main chick

i've been wearing my black converse like a lot lately because i just in love with it. you know, sometimes you get tired and bored wearing heels and stuff! hold on, but i still keep all of em and willing to wear them. and as you can tell by the place in the photos i took, it was probably the coolest place in town. no, seriously, i love it and dear all of you guuuuuuuuuys, sometimes when i just wanna be alone you dont have to take me to expensive place and waste money for some shits that i dont even need, just take me to this kinda place cause i'd rather stay there for hours and talk about life. weird or nah? whatever thats just me!

wearing : top: Vintage
                shorts : (my another new) DIY studded denim shorts
                shoe : black converse sneaks

i love you. stay fierce


La Pergola



what a lovely place! i love every single thing in this italian garden restaurant.
click to find out more! http://www.lapergolajogjakarta.com/

me wearing: snake printed bustier from TWRK cloth
                     denim shorts from Dust
                     white bag from Chanel
                     black sneakers from Converse

i love you. stay fierce