how we wear Moschino

this McDonald's inspired Moschino sweater is so good and its definitely a thing right now.
you can even match it with anything you like! you can go grunge, casual, or even match it with some girly chic stuff.
this is how i wear my Moschino :)

me and my girl twinning the sweater!
she loves to match clothes with some classy yet girly stuff, and i like to add some lil bit grunge touch.

so, how do you wear your Moschino? :)
i love you, stay fierce


team flannel

ayy there!
so i've been obsessed with flannels these days cause its so comfy and you can match it with anything you like, it goes with (almost) everything. my favorite kind of flannels is the over-sized one. i've been totally feeling kinda boyish so this look is so me! :) as you can tell by the pics i am totally that girl from the block. this look was inspired by the young and talented Pia Mia Perez also known as Princess Pia Mia. yes, i adore her and im going to marry her someday..... whoops excuse my fangirl-ish side.

grey crop top from Post Mode
studded shorts from Vintage
flannel from Vintage
sneakers from Converse

thanks for stopping by! i love you, stay fierce