here's my first make-up post on my blog!
i feel like posting some make-up tutorials (since some people asked me how i put my make-up on) and try something new with my make-up, but this one is not a tutorial or a how-to post, i was just playing around with my make-up and decided to do the evil/harmful/almost creepy look. i called this look The Sinister Look
why? because its dark, frightening, sharp, and it gives the impression that something harmful or evil is happening or will happen.
this kind of look can also be used on Halloween. this look looks similar to goth and grunge.

details :

in this look im using : 
  •                           Mizzu gel pen black eyeliner & pencil black eyeliner
  •                           Cass black, grey, and white eyeshadow palette
  •                           Inez Floral White eyeliner
  •                           Maybeline "The Hyper Curl Volum' Express Waterproof" mascara
  •                           MAC lashes number 051
  •                           Pixy brown eyebrow pencil
  •                           La Tulipe brown & orange blush on number 09
  •                           Revlon dark red lipstick

i didn't use expensive cosmetiques because i dont have a job and i can't afford it myself lol but hey it's not about the brand ;)

anyway, im gonna be posting more make-up post later on. thanks for stopping by! :)

i love you, stay fierce